Wednesday, May 13, 2009

walking and chewing gum

Last night, the members, leaders, and staff of the Delaware State Education Association proved that they can walk and chew gum at the same time. In addition to being involved in an epic struggle against salary cuts, DSEA locals in 6 school districts engaged in competitive school board races. The DSEA prevailed in eight out of nine seats. Recommended candidates won in Brandywine, Christina, Colonial, Red Clay, and Cape Henlopen. Red Clay candidates Kim Williams and Eric Randolph won decisive victories in spite of the opposition of powerful status quo forces. Indian River fell short by a scant 71 votes in a spirited contest between challenger Harold Walters and long time board president Charlie Bireley. We are proud of our locals and their ability to use the democratic process to improve the quality of school boards in Delaware.

Meanwhile, at Legislative Hall...Combined lobby teams of the State Workers United coalition continue to descend on Dover every Wednesday. The reports from the teams indicate a shift in the right direction, with an increasing number of legislators saying they do not support the 8% salary cut.

We will feel more confidence in those statements when we see some revenue raising bills filed.


  1. Proud to have won. As I noted to Mike Kempski and Marty Duleavy while being vetted. I will listen, get informed, be curious and put the children and educators first in the process of education in Delaware. We may disagree, but will never disengage.

    John Young
    Christina School Board Member-Elect

  2. 'Twas a grand night for all. Stunningly successful victories for teacher supported candidates. Hard work and long hours--teachers will be glad that I am no longer badgering them for another hour's work. But, it all paid off. I think that Mr. Young sounds like a very interesting person. I look forward to meeting him some time soon.

  3. Feel free to send e-mail to for now and I'll update with the district e-mail when I get it.

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