Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More JFC and Standards Board Tomorrow

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) hearings continue to roll along. Various areas of the budget each get their day of testimony and review. Public education's day will be February 17th, and DSEA President, Diane Donohue will give a statement at that hearing. DSEA, like other organizations invited to testify, will be given five minutes to state their case.

Tomorrow, the Delaware Professional Standards Board will meet. There has been some discussion among two or three members of this board about changing the requirements for public school nurses. Currently, public school nurses must have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as an undergraduate along with their RN. The discussion was about eliminating that requirement, reducing the standards to the pre-2003 level. The BSN provides nurses with a solid foundation in community health issues and leadership skills. The majority of DSEA public school nurses are against the discussed change; thus, DSEA has sent a letter to the Board in opposition to lowering the standards. Also, DSEA will enter testimony at tomorrow's meeting.
Higher education funding will be on the JFC agenda tomorrow. Representatives from both University of Delaware and Delaware State University will give testimony.

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