Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JFC Begins Work

The Joint Finance Committee started work this week on putting together Delaware's budget. Yesterday, they received an overview of the state's economic situation as well as a presentation on the Governor's proposed budget.

JFC chairman, Dennis P. Williams at one point yesterday remarked, "Remember, the Governor proposes, and we dispose." His point being that the Governor's Recommended Budget is just that "recommended"; it is up to the legislature to decide which of the proposed spending and cut areas they will support or change.

Adding to the mix of politics around budget decisions was an article in today's News Journal about a proposed raise for judges in the budget. In response to the article and the issue, the Delaware State Education Association released the following statement to media:

February 1,2011

DSEA: Proposed pay increases for judges ill-timed given sacrifices being sought from all state workers
In these times of continuing economic distress and 'shared sacrifice', all state and public employees are doing their very best to deliver high quality public services. While we support the efforts of Superior Court judges to obtain pay equity with their Chancery Court counterparts, we feel the proposal is poorly-timed given the Governor's effort to seek $100 million over the next five years from the cost of current health insurance and pension benefits provided to state and public education employees.
DSEA calls upon the Joint Finance Committee and General Assembly to resolve these matters in a fair and equitable manner over the coming weeks as they work to construct the FY12 budget.

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