Thursday, January 28, 2010

Budget is Released

Governor Jack Markell presented his budget proposal today. The five furlough days will remain in effect for next year if the budget is adopted as proposed. The moratorium on NBC and professional development clusters will also continue. However, step and lane increases will apply to those eligible. Furthermore, the Governor intends to hold current employees harmless from health care cost increases this year.

The unit count formula will remain unchanged, to keep class sizes from expanding.

Some change in transportation funding for schools will take place although it is not clear if the change will be an actual reduction or in the management of the funds.

The proposed budget includes a two tiered health plan and pension. In other words, current employees' benefits would remain unchanged, but new employees would have reduced benefits. The details have not been developed on this idea. DSEA will be advocating for an alternative or a modification of this proposal.

There is much more budget information to come. We will be sharing with members as we learn more, so that you can be a part of advocating for the best possible outcome.

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