Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Race To The Top Moving Forward

Delaware's Race To The Top application is moving forward with a foundation of new regulations about to be passed by the State Board of Education and a Department of Education Strategic Plan.

The Markell Administration including the Delaware Department of Education has done their best to make a challenging situation, less daunting. DSEA has been engaged in the process providing a position paper to the Administration and many conversations around elements impacting their membership and the students.

The result is a reform effort that encompasses many positive elements including the following:
*Implementation of the new DCAS growth model student testing, and the use of other measures of student learning.
*Professional development during the transition to new standards and assessments.
*Creation of a coherent professional development that links sills with evaluatory expectations.
*Collaborative planning time during the school day for teachers in DCAS subject areas.
*The training of administrators in evaluations with audits of the evaluators.
*Creation of Teacher Leader positions with additional compensation.
*Development of a plan for Turn Around Schools in the Partnership Zone through the collective bargaining process.
*Development of a teacher residency program.
*Data and development coaches provided to schools.
*Use of school administrative managers to give principals time to be instructional leaders.

DSEA continues to brief teacher leaders across the state about RTTT.

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  1. Tim,

    Not all of what you label as positive, is seen as the same by all satkeholders for certain. The devil is in the details...when is the last timne a politician ever wrote transformative, sound ed reform policy in your lifetime?