Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Southern Exposure

Tomorrow, representatives from a number of DSEA locals in Sussex County will be screening candidates for Delaware Senate District 19. The two top contenders are Republican Joe Booth and Democrat Polly Adams Mervine.

Booth is a state representative from Georgetown. In his DSEA screening he is likely to emphasize his work on the Joint Finance Committee where he fought against pay cuts to educators, and his governing experience on school board, city council, as mayor, and as state representative.

Mervine will most probably stress the fact that she was a second grade teacher in the Laurel school district and that as the daughter of political icon Thurman Adams she has always been intimately involved in Sussex County politics.

This blog will let you know as soon as the screening committee completes their work and the recommendation is approved by the DSEA state board. If all goes according to plan the process will be completed by tomorrow night.

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