Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Voice in the Wilderness

Staff of the Delaware State Education Association will be meeting this week to discuss ways to help local unions with the implementation of the furloughs including compensation issues that could arise. Stay tuned for more and do not hesitate to check in with your able UniServ staff.

The response to date by membership regarding the exchange of furlough days for a straight pay cut has been overwhelmingly positive.

DSEA is beginning to prepare now for the 2010 legislative session. Unless we get a pleasant surprise with the national economy, we will be in for another fight next year for our pay and benefits.

The revenue ideas put forward by DSEA and our partners in State Workers United for a Better Delaware would have avoided another struggle in 2010. Our revenue ideas were substantive and sustainable. Unfortunately, for the most part, this budget was not put together from substantive or sustainable ideas.
We were like a voice crying in the wilderness.

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