Monday, August 24, 2009


Something needs to be done about the State Employee Benefits Committee (SEBC). The SEBC controls the health benefits of teachers, school employees, and state workers. The SEBC is able to unilaterally set employee premiums, which is exactly what they did this year increasing employee monthly premiums 50%.

The SEBC is composed of seven members: The Director of the Office of Management and Budget, State Treasurer, Director of Health and Human Services, Insurance Commissioner, Controller General, Secretary of Finance, and (added this year) the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

None of the above mentioned members are direct representatives of the major stakeholders, the public employees.

The Delaware State Education Association believes that the SEBC must be expanded to include representatives of the insured. In coalition with other public employee groups we will propose legislation in the next session to increase the size of the SEBC by four and include representatives from DSEA, AFSCME, and the State Troopers, as well as a retired "at large".

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