Wednesday, August 26, 2009

News Sad and Good

The sad news is that US Senator Edward Kennedy lost his fight with brain cancer and passed away late Tuesday night. So much will be said about the legacy of this political giant by mainstream media in the next few days, that this blog does not need to be your source. However, I will make two relevant comments. First, Kennedy's presence will be missed in three debates of interest to school employees and their union; health care, the Employee Free Choice Act, and reauthorization of No Child Left Behind. Secondly, I hope that in the days ahead one thing is made clear about Kennedy; he respected everyone, including his adversaries. That's uncommon today in politics, the idea of being a gentleman, or lady, when in conflict.

In other news last night of a much different nature, Mark Holodick has been named superintendent of Brandywine School District. Mark has been serving Brandywine as principal of Concord High School. Speaking of people who always act like a gentleman, that would be Mark Holodick. As a union representative I sometimes encountered Mark Holodick in situations of opposition (grievances, negotiations), he was, and I'm sure will remain a fair and thoughtful administrator.

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