Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Keep Running

It has been quite a challenging year for teachers and education employees throughout the state. One gets the sense of our membership stretching towards the finish line as we near the last day of school. To keep the analogy going, when you break the tape...keep running.

DSEA needs your activism, your intelligence, your energy for just a little longer.

First, we need you to contact your legislators and ask them if they have signed on to the pledge to work toward a budget solution that does not involve pay cuts? If they have not, why not? We have about a dozen legislative days left. It is not out of line for us to seek a commitment to direction.

Second, we really need you to come to Dover on June 11th for the third and best rally at Legislative Hall. It will start at 4:00PM and last until about 7:00PM. Speakers will not take the stage until 6:00PM. Check with your Local and/or DSEA website about transportation and details.

We are asking a lot. There is a lot at stake. Coming to a rally at the end of the exhausting last day of school is a huge sacrifice, but it pales before an 8% salary cut next year.

Finally, in the next few days there is going to be legislation introduced that raises revenue. We believe that most of the legislation raises taxes in a progressive manner. That is it asks more from individuals and entities that have more. We are particularly interested in legislation that changes the Personal Income Tax and Corporate Tax systems in Delaware modernizing the structures and making them more fair. We will be asking for your support for several of these bills.

The whole thing is beginning to feel like a marathon, but you and your colleagues have the endurance. You guys will run them off their feet.

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