Monday, June 1, 2009

Take the Pledge

The Delaware State Education Association is going to mobilize our membership to ask legislators to sign on to a pledge not to cut the salaries of state workers and education employees. It is time for law makers to commit to good public policy. We are now 4 weeks from the drop dead date of June 30th. The legislators need to decide what they will do and we will decide what we are going to do.

Some legislators believe they can find a way to stick with the Governor and at the same time not break with the public employees. These same legislators think they can vote for a salary reduction less than 8% and that all will be well. We have said repeatedly that is not the case. The only percentage that works for us is 0. Legislators need to raise sufficient revenue to take the salary cut off the table.

Starting tomorrow we will be urging our members to bombard legislators with the questions: Have you signed on to the pledge of no salary cuts? If not, why not?
Then on June 11th come one more time to a rally in Dover to see who is with you.

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