Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zero Is Still Right Number

In Dover rumors continue to abound about the magic number for a percentage of pay cut for teachers and state workers. Meanwhile, state workers unions and DSEA continue to say, you're not hearing us, zero percent is the right number. Radio adds went up around the state today reinforcing that message for legislators.
Word is that the Governor will role out alcohol and cigarette tax bills this week. This type of revenue does not get us where we need to be. We need personal income tax, corporate franchise tax, tax on Limited Liability Corporations, and "decoupling" from the Federal Government's corporate tax loopholes.
Tomorrow DSEA will enter testimony in support of HB157 by Representative Longhurst. The bill guarantees that when a teacher takes time off under the Family Medical Leave ACT that he/she will be returned to their exact same position. This is a bill aimed to cure the abuse by administration of using FMLA leaves as an opportunity for involuntary transfer or reassignment.
Please do not forget that Thursday is another rally against pay cuts in Dover. We have moved back the start time to give folks plenty of time to get there. Make it by 6:00PM and you're on time!

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