Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blog On the Run

Necessity is moving this blog from well thought out essays to quick updates. Things have really been rocking and rolling at DSEA. Our course we are in the heart of the legislative session and working on recovering lost ground from last year, but we also are dealing with School Improvement Grants, and Race To The Top, and school board races across the state.

On Friday, a training conference on RTTT for DSEA teacher leaders was held in Dover. DSEA was assisted by a consultant from Wellstone Action in presenting the training. We want our teacher leaders to be prepared to make RTTT a positive experience for students and educators.

On Saturday, the DSEA Education Support Professionals had a conference. In addition to skills training, they received a political update and were visited by Attorney General Beau Biden, and state representatives Earl Jaques and John Kowalko. John Kowalko is the DSEA Legislative Friend of Education for 2010. Biden spoke extensively about school bullying and efforts to curb this social ill. Jaques and Kowalko spoke about their work on the House Education Committee as well as efforts to protect educator compensation and benefits.

If you are a DSEA member read your mail and answer your phone this week as information about school board races will be coming to you.

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