Monday, May 17, 2010

JFC Votes to Restore Pay

The Joint Finance Committee is undertaking Budget Mark Up for the next two weeks while the rest of the legislature is on break.

Today the JFC voted 12 to 0 to restore the five unpaid furlough days to educators and other state employees. For educators this will mean the return of the 188 work days to statute.

Eligible teachers will also receive step increases according to this JFC decision.
Tiering of health and pension benefits is still threatening. Be sure and take advantage of this two week break to contact your state representative or senator at home with the message that it is reckless to attempt to make major health and pension policy within the 13 legislative days remaining in session.

All stakeholders need to be shown the need for such changes ( a hard case to make on pension considering Delaware's is one of the best funded and managed in the nation). All stakeholders need to be involved in a solution. Running legislation imposed by OMB in the final days of session that will impact educators and state employees for generations to come is not a good way of policy making.

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