Monday, May 31, 2010

Budget Mark Up to date

Here in brief is a run down of the two weeks of budget mark up just completed by the Joint Finance Committee. The following items have been voted by the JFC, although the JFC will meet again for more mark up in about two weeks. Also, no budgetary item is fixed until the passage of the budget bill on June 30th:
The five unpaid furlough days will be restored to educators and state workers.
The deficit in the State Employee Health Fund will be made up with General Funds.
Eligible educators will receive Step Increases.
Although no new NBC or Cluster stipends will be paid, those already receiving them will continue to do so.
Overtime compensation will be given based on 40 hours of paid time.
New unit growth will be funded in education.

Several big issues remain to be decided including the restoration of Short Term Disability insurance, funding for math and reading specialists, and various cost shifting to local school districts such as transportation cuts.

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